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Mekerri Wellness SG Clean

Come and Join us today for an amazing Jumping Fitness experience. Our instructors are your assets. Always passionate with their classes and ready to give their 100%.



And for those who look for finer things in life and for an intimate, all-inclusive experience, your Mekerri Wellness boutique studio offers:

  • Clean, Safe & Well-controlled environment
  • Clear Sonos sound system
  • Fresh alkaline water from Novita dispenser
  • Free 2-hours parking for extending shopping and dining.

    Studio Fitness Beach Road

    Download your Android or IOS App and book your Class at your Mekerri Wellness City Gate Studio today. 


    What People Say:

    "Highly recommend to anyone who wants to have fun while exercising - a totally different experience suitable for any fitness level. Come join us for in unforgettable experience!" Eline S.

    "Good place to work out with privacy! Supply of alkaline water is a big plus!" Eunice E.

    "My third class in this new studio on Saturday. NEW disco light has been installed for a different experience. Extra Mirrors have been installed in front so that you can check your own techniques during the sessions. We enjoy the superb atmosphere." Fiona C.

    Our Location: