About Us (Old version)

Jumping Princess

Our mission is to serve Singapore community and contribute to improving everyone's health & wellness. Mekerri Wellness strive to become a major resource by partnering with companies, social organizations who share the same goals. We partner with JUMPING Singapore, a social enterprise of New Hope Community Services, to offer wellness in our boutique studio.


She - the Singaporean woman who dresses up for herself, not set to impress nor seek approval.  When black and white used to be her corporate color, workout outfit needs to be fun and pretty.

He - the French Touch who landed in Singapore after many years looking for Her. After he left France, his life journey brought him to Germany, Canada, China and USA... Finally he found his home in Singapore.

The Mekerri couple rocks their industry when they come together and married each other in the most romantic wedding in Singapore and in France - giving hope to many single friends out there! 

Evolving between health and wellness, the couple wants to influence and empower you to incorporate wellness into your life journey.

Lets start with dressing well, feeling confident and motivated to take the next baby step to wellness - join a new workout, try JUMPING Singapore, commit to a supplement that you enjoy.