Be the Shorts Diva

Each of our products is crafted with different body silhouettes in mind. 

Regardless of your age, our body frame and bone structures are hereditary.  Between my twin sister and myself, I am of a bigger frame and bone structure with a Waist to Hip ratio of 0.7 making myself a pear shape (< 0.8).  She, on the other hand, is an avocado at ratio of >0.81.  I take after our my paternal grandma, while she takes after our maternal mother.

Either you are already having those great legs to be our Shorts Diva or it continues to be work-in-progress, our silhouettes shorts are ready to spoilt you!

Daisy Lace is designed to give you the fit and lift with our compression inner wear (means no need for undies).  Even if the length is slightly on a petite side, the compression inner wear is longer than the daisy lace, giving the cover and extension of longer legs. 

Dolphin is designed for a relaxed fit, comes with inner wear (means no need for undies) with two well-depth pockets.  The drawstrings are completed with gold caps, giving it a smart look.  This serves you well for your workouts and even for leisure wear like walking your dogs.